Hotel park: 10 ha enjoy nature

Our green gourmet paradise.

Wander and dream. Listen to the sounds of nature. Let your eyes and thoughts wander. Become one with the beautiful panorama. Discover a refreshing natural environment. Around our hotel, on the outskirts of Brunico.
On an area of 10 hectares. To enjoy the sun. Silence. Idyllic. See the magical enchantment of our gardens for yourself – water from our own spring brings them to life. Doze in the pavilion. Take a stroll around the romantic pond. Visit the small petting zoo with your children. Deeply relaxed. At the foot of the Dolomite peaks.

When you stroll through our idyllic park area, you will always discover something new. Ducks taking a dip in the pond, guests enjoying a private yoga session outdoors, or the birds refreshing themselves at the fountain. Playing tennis, our open-air gym by the pool house, losing yourself in a good book, relaxing mentally ..... the day here could go on endlessly. Enjoy this special place for relaxation and inspiration.


Rahel Varnhagen von Ense:

‘Nature has a thousand pleasures for those who seek them and enter her temple with a pure heart.’