Royal Beauty Treatments

Bringing the body, mind and soul into harmonic balance is the basis for a high standard of quality of life, granting one freedom and personal well-being...
These wise words have become our credo here at Hotel Royal Hinterhuber ****. The list below provides an overview of the wide range of ROYAL SPA wellness-programmes on offer.

Our Wellness Packages
    • "Fantastic legs"

      This package includes:

      • 1 Nourishing foot-pack with sea salt peeling and massage
      • 1 Pedicure with nailpolish
      • 1 Foot stimulating massage

      € 90,00

    • Back's Special

      This package includes:

      • 2 Partial massages for the back
      • 1 Vitalis full body-massage "arome pure"

      € 92,00

    • Beauty for Women

      This package includes:

      • 1 Sea salt - Oil Peeling
      • 1 Chocolate Bath
      • 2 Anti-Cellulite Partial Massages
      • 1 Full Body Massage

      € 169,00

    • For Men only

      This package includes:

      • 1 Babor facial treatment for men
      • 1 Full body-massage
      • 1 Pedicure

      € 121,00

    • For our little guests

      This package includes:

      • 1 "Cindarella" face treatment
      • 1 Chocolate massage
      • 1 "Snow White" manicure with nailpolish

      € 42,00

    • Just Relax

      This package includes:

      • 1 Babor facial treatment
      • 1 Full body-massage
      • 1 Sea salt-oil bath

      € 108,00

    • Ladies first

      This package includes:

      • 1 Babor facial treatment incl. eye pack
      • 1 Herbal peeling
      • 1 Cleopatra bath
      • 1 Partial massage back
      • 1 Manicure with nailpolish

      € 174,00

    • Sport Package

      Feel renewed after an intensive sportive day.
      This package includes:

      • 1 Alpicare massage arnica & St. Johns wortAroma Massage
      • 1 Head and neck massage
      • 1 Nourish foot-pack with sea salt peeling and massage
      • 1 Pedicure

      € 114,00

  • Body Treatments

    • Hands and Feet Treatment

      Against the visible signs of time, an intensive treatment for your hands and feet – the iedal complement to your manicure.

      25 min. - € 29,00

    • Vitalis massage aroma pure

      Balancing and deeply relaxing massage to give the precious feeling of holistic harmony. The combination of high quality 100 % pure essential oils and plant-derived oils transform the soothing touch of the hands into a truly relaxing scent experience.

      Full body-massage                          50 min. - € 52,00
      Partial massage: back or legs           25 min. - € 35,00

    • Vitalis massage vital boli

      The herbal massage with herbal sachets is a very special body ritual and provides deep relaxation and regeneration on all levels. This massage technique has a millennium-old tradition and is an important part of many cultures.

      Full body massage      50 min.  - € 55,00
      Partial massage          25 min.  - € 28,00

  • Classic and Special Massages

    • Alpicare massage apple and rose hip: beauty and enjoy

      Apple & rose hip, a special gift for mature skin.
      This Alpine beauty massage leaves the skin feeling newly elasticized and fresh.

      Full body      50 min. - € 52,00

    • Alpicare massage arnica & St. Johns wort: regeneration & aktiv

      Arnica & St. John’s Wort regenerate and revitalize body and spirit.
      This Alpine massage is not only a balsam for the spirit but provides renewed vitality to tired joints and muscles.

      Full body      50 min. - € 52,00

    • Body Massage

      A massage is one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy and touches all aspects of a person. The basic goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself and to increase health and well-being. Also your emotional state becomes better, and while tiredness and stress are removed, you will be able to face life with renewed vigor.

      Full body      50 min. - € 52,00
      Partial          25 min. - € 28,00

    • Foot Massage

      This treatment includes a stimulating massage with a rich moisturizing cream for delicate feet.

      40 min. - € 45,00

    • Head and neck massage

      Head, Neck, and Shoulder massages reduce stress. The causes of headaches and tension in the scalp are due to tightness of the muscle that surrounds the skull. Tension or muscular headaches occur when you strain the muscles of your head and neck, often without even realizing you have done it. Migraines consist of throbbing in your head, especially on one side behind your eyes. They occur when the blood vessels in the scalp expand, and they may be triggered by certain factors like stress or being in the bright sunlight.

      25 min. - € 3000

  • Depilation with Warm Wax

    • Arm pits

      € 15,00

    • Back / Chest

      € 25,00

    • Bikini strips

      € 15,00

    • Foot to knee

      € 25,00

    • Upper lip / chin

      € 10,00

    • Whole leg

      € 35,00

  • Face Treatments. For Her and Him

    • Babor Classic: Facial treatment

      For individual systems designed to meet your skin`s special needs

      Superficial skin cleaning, cosmetic massage of face and décolletage, face mask according to skin type, and final skin treatment.

      50 min. - € 65,00

    • Babor HSR High Skin Refiner: The luxurious HSR line for immediate lifting effect.

      Signs of the times – make them history
      This complete skin care system for the face, eyes and décolleté contains the unique HSR® Lifting Complex with a four-fold anti-aging effect. Instantly minimizes the traces of time, effectively prevents the formation of new wrinkles and lines. Intensively tones and moisturises the skin. Promotes cell regeneration and enhances the elasticity of the skin. Protects the skin from free radicals and harmful environmental influences.

      80 min. - € 105,00

    • Babor Sensesional Eyes: Facial treatment including exquisite eye pack

      Stop time - with a blink of an eye

      Intensive nourishing eye pack for smoother, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles and swelling, improves elasticity and combats signs of tiredness and prevents light-induced aging.

      80 min. - € 85,00

    • Man Special:

      New energy. Pure vitality

      Absolutely masculine, absolutely impressive – with innovative textures and the energy-boosting TAUREC complex: BABOR’s holistic skin care line for men. Perfectly formulated for the special needs of men's skin, these products are designed to enhance and maintain its vibrant energy. Gives skin of all ages an attractive and well-groomed appearance. Featuring an elegant and masculine design.

      50 min. - € 65,00

  • For Kids

    • "Snow White" Manicure:

      Starting with a fragrant hand bath, filling and polishing the little nails with a subsequent hand massage.

      15 min. - € 10,00
      with nailpolish  - € 12,00

    • Hot Chocolate Massage

      The most delicate temptation …

      Either offered as exquisite candy – a tasty experience or as sweet food for the nerves – chocolate takes harmonizing effect on your senses and makes you forget all worries of everyday life. Get spoiled from head to toe.

      25 min. - € 20,00

    • Little face treatment

      Cleaning, massage and mask

      25 min. - € 21,00

  • Hand & Feets

    • Foot massage

      A good foot massage at the end of the day can be an exhilarating experience. This massage removes and protects the stress from your body.

      40 min. - € 45,00

    • French Manicure for hands and feet

      50 min. - € 35,00

    • Manicure

      Reward your hands with a peeling. Your nails are filed, polished and your hands are spoilt in a bath. The hand massage with caring creams relax your hands and give them a silky soft feeling.

      40 min. - € 30,00
      with nailpolish + € 5,00

    • Nourishing foot-pack with sea salt peeling and massage

      To recommend particularly with rough, more drily or more inflexibly and cracked or scaly skin in feet.

      20 min. - € 28,00

    • Pedicure

      Enjoy a wonderfully foot bath. After these professional preparations (cutting and filing nails, removal of extra cuticle and hard skin) the treatment is rounding off with a relaxing massage.

      50 min. - € 35,00
      with nailpolish + € 5,00

    • Warming paraffin hand pack with peeling and massage

      Paraffin treatment facilitates blood circulation and strengthen the chapped and brattled hands. Already after the first treatment your hands look smoother.

      20 min. - € 28,00

  • Lashes and Eye Brows

    • Brow shaping

      € 15,00

    • Eye brow colour

      € 15,00

    • Lash colour

      € 15,00

  • Peelings

    • Herbal Peeling

      This natural peeling cleanses the skin in depth, stimulates tissue regeneration and leaves the skin looking cleaner, clearer and more luminous. The use of abrasive plant extracts intensifies the peeling effect, favouring perfect absorption of the active ingredients by the skin. 

      25 min. - € 35,00

    • Sea salt – oil peeling

      Body scrub with natural salts from the Dead Sea has a strong cleaning and stimulating effect. The cleansing peel removes dead cells from the body surface, whereas the mixture of natural and essential oils beautifies the skin making it silky soft and pleasantly perfumed.

      25 min. - € 35,00

  • Wellness Baths

    • Chocolate bath

      Treat yourself to the sweetest of experiences.

      25 min. - € 35,00

    • Cleopatra bath

      The milk and honey oil bath is massaged into the whole body.

      25 min. - € 35,00

    • Sea salt bat

      Purify and neutralise your body with the forces of the dead sea.

      25 min. - € 35,00

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